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For my passion project I am researching on Leonardo da Vinci. My main question is ‘what are the reasons Leonardo was famous for?’ So far I have found out most of the information that I need. Which includes:

  • His birth date, death date, place of birth, and place of death
  • Full name
  • He specialised in 12 different professions, most of which he succeeded in.
  • He is most famous as the artist of the ‘Mona Lisa’.
  • He was mostly known for the professions of an artist and inventor.
  • All the art works he did
  • Every single one of his inventions
  • Detailed information on the robotic knight and the aerial screw

Some of his professions were:

  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Architect
  • Writer
  • Mathematician
  • Sculptor
  • Inventor

To name a few.

Most of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions did not work but his top ten are:

  1. Robotic knight
  2. Aerial screw
  3. City of the future
  4. Self-propelled chart
  5. Armoured tank
  6. Diving suite
  7. Machine gun
  8. Ornithopter
  9. Parachute
  10. Ball bearing

As you can see the robotic knight was one of the most successful inventions. He made the knight so it could move pretty much everything but it was very show. It could:

  • Sit down
  • Stand up
  • Lift its visor
  • Open and close its mouth
  • Move its head
leonardo da vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci
Robotic knight
Leonardo da vinci's Mona Lisa
Leonardo da vinci’s Mona Lisa

The knight also wore Italian-German armour. In fact it was so amazing that it inspired NASA to build human like robots. That is all I had time research. Thank

6 thoughts on “Passion Project”

  1. Wow Diya… This is such a excellent post. I never would of thought to pick Leonardo da Vici for the passion project. I only knew him for his famous painting Mona Lisa. Now that I have read this post I have learnt more about him, such as. Some of his professions and more of his famous art including The Robotic Knight. I really hope to know more about your topic and overall this is an awesome post
    – Bailey 6R

    1. Thanks Bailey, I appreciate your feed back. Not to mention you are the first person to comment on my passion project. Congrats!

  2. Dear Diya,
    Like Bailey said, it was really interesting to find out about Leonardo’s other professions and acheivements. I never knew he inspired nasa of all things! I really like how you put everything in paragraphs/different lines and added pictures – it makes eye catching and easy to read.
    What inspired you to choose Leonardo da Vinci?
    From samantha

    1. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback Samantha. Ever since I was little I loved Leonardo da Vinci. All I knew about him was the Mona Lisa, so I really wanted to research about him. And here I am. Researching about the thing I love most.
      From Diya

  3. Hi Diya, I heard that your passion project was about Leonardo Da Vinci. My project is about Vincent Van Gogh who was also a famous artist during that era.
    I really enjoyed the information about Leonardo Da Vinci, Well done!

  4. Hey Diya,
    great post i never would have picked Leonardo Di Vinci but it is a great topic. You tought me that he invented the robot knight and i never knew there was such a thing, Great post aagain and i can’t wait to hear more about it.
    Bye from Cookie6r

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